Friday, September 14, 2007

Going Meatless

I turned vegetarian more than a decade ago and I have never once regretted it. When I look back upon my carnivorian days, the only regret I have is that I did not become a vegetarian sooner.

I wonder why vegetarianism is not more common in this world; it is very cruel to eat the flesh of other animals, especially the animals farmed for their meat and other products. My question is if we can survive without gnawing on flesh why don't we ? Life was probably very different in the prehistoric days; where carnivorism was a matter of survival but can we say the same about today? These animals have to give up their lives (often in very brutal, painful, horrifying etc ........ circumstances) just to satisfy human appetites.

I do still take eggs and dairy but recently I am reducing my intake and hope to become a vegan.

The process of turning vegetarian will be different for every one; I stopped taking meat one day because of an innocent remark from a bystander. If you find it hard to give up meat altogether start by reducing your intake.

I hope we will have a vegetarian world one day. When that day comes, we will also have world peace.

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