Sunday, May 28, 2017

Animal Communicators

Anyone ever tried using the services of an Animal Communicator? I would really love to hear of your experiences/views/thoughts!

Wholewheat buns

Easy to make wholewheat buns - I make them a few times a week! I will attempt to take step by step pictures the next time I make them, and post together with my recipe! :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A useful link:

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dear friends,

If you have any beloved pet or pets, stop whatever you are doing now; go hug and cuddle them/him/her and say I LOVE YOU.
It isn't easy to transition to a vegetarian, especially if none of your close friends or kin are vegetarians. You must believe in your cause to help you survive the initial period; like everything else in life it gets easier with time :). The important thing is do not be too hard on yourself if you initially lapse, or be too strict on the requirements ie touching/contamination of food or utensils.

I always feel that life as a human on this earth is difficult enough, why do we make it so much worse by torturing fellow earth dwellers?. Can we not co-exist in peace? where is our empathy for them?

On a lighter note, i made some banana bread yesterday! I based it on a recipe here

But I omitted the sugar as I was looking to cut down on sugar, and i think it tasted fine!

The Singapore SPCA reported in its annual report 1996 that for the financial year ending June 2016, it took in 2,317 animals.(

I personally believe that cases of animal abandonment would be reduced if animal sales are disallowed as the practice is over commercialized. I do realize this is not practical nor enforceable but I would surely like to see a shift towards this thinking.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

When I read, hear or even witness some abusive actions towards innocents animals I often wonder what makes some humans behave the way they do. Were they born without compassion? Or were they conditioned by their environment?

Millions of years ago, humans may have no choice but to be carnivores or omnivores but surely we have progressed a long way since then. The over abundance of plant based  food choices available to us should surely prompt us to spare our fellow earth dwellers, if for no other reason than compassion.

What do you think will be more effective in nudging people towards choosing plant based diet? For me, I believe education is a very medium. I believe most. if not all of us as babies/kids loved animals. If nurtured properly we would come to view animals as companions rather than as food. If kids are shown the horrors of slaughterhouses then plant based diet would be more prevalent. And if you think that it is too grisly for them to watch, then imagine the sufferings of the poor animals being tortured!

What do you think will encourage more people to become vegetarians/vegan?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I have not posted anything for a while....... but I have been thinking, I have never explained about my decision to abstain from eating meat. I started to become a vegetarian when I was studying in university, which was more than 20 years ago! :0 It wasn.t easy to be a vegetarian then, as there were not many vegetarian food outlets. And I believe people were less understanding of the vegetarian movement.

I was lucky because when I decided to stop eating meat, my Mum was supportive and did not try to dissuade me from continuing, although I think she was not in favor of my decision. She cooked vegetarian meals for me at EVERY meal, in addition to cooking for the rest of my non vegetarian family, and she cleaned all the kitchen utensils thoroughly before cooking my meals to ensure no contamination occurred, though to be honest I was not particular on this aspect.

I became a vegetarian because I do not believe it is right to eat our fellow earth dwellers; I believe they too have a right to live their lives without suffering the tortures and abuse humans mete out to them. I have been trying to stay vegan for a few years now, although sometimes I do consume food with dairy. I have never regretted becoming vegetarian, my only regret in becoming vegetarian is that I did not become one earlier.....

If you are a vegetarian, what is your reason for becoming, and staying one? If you are not a vegetarian, what is stopping you?

Some new vegetarians may need support in staying a vegetarian, you are most welcome to share your doubts and uncertainties here!