Sunday, May 28, 2017

Animal Communicators

Anyone ever tried using the services of an Animal Communicator? I would really love to hear of your experiences/views/thoughts!

Wholewheat buns

Easy to make wholewheat buns - I make them a few times a week! I will attempt to take step by step pictures the next time I make them, and post together with my recipe! :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A useful link:

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dear friends,

If you have any beloved pet or pets, stop whatever you are doing now; go hug and cuddle them/him/her and say I LOVE YOU.
It isn't easy to transition to a vegetarian, especially if none of your close friends or kin are vegetarians. You must believe in your cause to help you survive the initial period; like everything else in life it gets easier with time :). The important thing is do not be too hard on yourself if you initially lapse, or be too strict on the requirements ie touching/contamination of food or utensils.

I always feel that life as a human on this earth is difficult enough, why do we make it so much worse by torturing fellow earth dwellers?. Can we not co-exist in peace? where is our empathy for them?

On a lighter note, i made some banana bread yesterday! I based it on a recipe here

But I omitted the sugar as I was looking to cut down on sugar, and i think it tasted fine!

The Singapore SPCA reported in its annual report 1996 that for the financial year ending June 2016, it took in 2,317 animals.(

I personally believe that cases of animal abandonment would be reduced if animal sales are disallowed as the practice is over commercialized. I do realize this is not practical nor enforceable but I would surely like to see a shift towards this thinking.