Thursday, May 18, 2017

When I read, hear or even witness some abusive actions towards innocents animals I often wonder what makes some humans behave the way they do. Were they born without compassion? Or were they conditioned by their environment?

Millions of years ago, humans may have no choice but to be carnivores or omnivores but surely we have progressed a long way since then. The over abundance of plant based  food choices available to us should surely prompt us to spare our fellow earth dwellers, if for no other reason than compassion.

What do you think will be more effective in nudging people towards choosing plant based diet? For me, I believe education is a very medium. I believe most. if not all of us as babies/kids loved animals. If nurtured properly we would come to view animals as companions rather than as food. If kids are shown the horrors of slaughterhouses then plant based diet would be more prevalent. And if you think that it is too grisly for them to watch, then imagine the sufferings of the poor animals being tortured!

What do you think will encourage more people to become vegetarians/vegan?

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