Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I have not posted anything for a while....... but I have been thinking, I have never explained about my decision to abstain from eating meat. I started to become a vegetarian when I was studying in university, which was more than 20 years ago! :0 It wasn.t easy to be a vegetarian then, as there were not many vegetarian food outlets. And I believe people were less understanding of the vegetarian movement.

I was lucky because when I decided to stop eating meat, my Mum was supportive and did not try to dissuade me from continuing, although I think she was not in favor of my decision. She cooked vegetarian meals for me at EVERY meal, in addition to cooking for the rest of my non vegetarian family, and she cleaned all the kitchen utensils thoroughly before cooking my meals to ensure no contamination occurred, though to be honest I was not particular on this aspect.

I became a vegetarian because I do not believe it is right to eat our fellow earth dwellers; I believe they too have a right to live their lives without suffering the tortures and abuse humans mete out to them. I have been trying to stay vegan for a few years now, although sometimes I do consume food with dairy. I have never regretted becoming vegetarian, my only regret in becoming vegetarian is that I did not become one earlier.....

If you are a vegetarian, what is your reason for becoming, and staying one? If you are not a vegetarian, what is stopping you?

Some new vegetarians may need support in staying a vegetarian, you are most welcome to share your doubts and uncertainties here!

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